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Being one of the developing countries, Ethiopia is registering rapid economic growth and the Government is encouraging the businesses that have direct connection with poverty reduction. Fortunately, our organization is conducting its business in this sector and hence, it is highly intertwined with the policies and strategies of the Government and the overall political economy.

Coming to the other market mixes, the pricing strategy shall include skimming, penetration and premium pricing strategies. The products are to be offered at standard and customized features depending on the nature of the product. Integrated marketing communication strategy shall be utilized for promoting the business. On the other hand, by using both direct and indirect channel roots, selective and exclusive distribution strategies shall be implemented to successfully distribute the different products, services and deliverables.

Executive Summary

 In the world of intensive competition, along with companies’ unique competencies and capabilities, strategic approach to the case is inevitable. The way companies deal with the prevailing condition in the business world is what differentiates the winning and the losing players. 

Therefore, based on this premise, the following is the Business strategy of Telal PLC

At corporate level Growth is the chosen strategy. Under this strategy there are three sub strategies known as:  

  • Diversification 
  • Vertical integration 
  • Concentration 

Keeping the nature of the business and also the overall vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the company as well as the corporate strategies, it is very appropriate to adopt basically cost leadership (low cost), differentiation, and focus (focused differentiation, focused cost leadership)  strategies at business level. We are using this strategies means we are employing Integrated Cost Leadership/ Differentiation Strategy. 


More About Telal

  1. Introduction

    Being one of the developing countries, Ethiopia is registering rapid economic growth the Government is encouraging the businesses that have direct connection with poverty reduction. Fortunately, our organization is conducting its business in this sector and hence, it is highly intertwined with the policies and strategies of the Government.

      1. Background of the Company 

    Telal Business and management solutions PLC (TELAL) was founded in 2017 and formerly its founders were working as a country rep. of the multinational company companies in Ethiopia. It was then established as TELAL to work as importer, distributor and commission agent as well as contractor and real estste developer. 

    TELAL’s main strategic business units of operations are the following; 

    • Construction; As a grade 4 BC, our company is engaged in multiple projects
    • Manufacturing; the major activities of this SBU are to facilitate registration of Scientific items, manufacturing and repacking of agricultural chemicals, flower fertilizers, vegetable seeds and sprayers. Moreover, makes conditions suitable for tender participation as well as organize training and workshops to local professionals to upgrade their knowledge and skills. 
    • Business Consultancy and business process outsourcing: our company is engaged in multiple consultancy and BPO projects which are resulting in increased turnover for the clients at hand. We have finalized projects for Aquila Business group and Center for African leadership studies (CALS). Our clients are also outsourcing some of their departments for the sake of focus
    • Trading: Our organization envisages to be one of the leading scientific items trader within the  region. We trade agro inputs like seeds, fertilizers and pesticides as well as Veternary and human medicines. We import and distribute products from Israel, France, India and China.

    The company has been able to raise its good will through hard work, dedication, and experience. As a result, the organization’s credibility is impeccable and can be used to drive it to a more profitable Endeavour for years to come.

    Telal construction P.L.C aimed specifically at engaging in but not limited to the following businesses:

    • engage itself in  the construction secctor 
    • To engage itself in the private business so as to supply cost efficient and quality products to its customers (according to their needs and the company’s segmentation strategy)
    • In the long term, to enter into the chemicals manufacturing sector
    • Exploit regional and international markets  by exporting  or distributing scientific items

    TELAL using its sales and promotion crew and in collaboration with the technical managers of each business unit will engage itself in aggressive marketing works which include but not limited to the following:

    • Gaining the Private market share of greater than or equal to 20 % within 3 years
    • Being one of the top 3 companies in terms of annual turnover within the coming 3 years
    • Entering in to the manufacturing/repacking sector within 3 years

    Therefore, by integrating the marketing activities of the business with all the technical department heads and eventually working on backward and forward integration, This will help the corporate company to create attractive markets in every segment. And also, this integration allows the corporate company to be cost and time efficient as well as to form successful investment decision platforms. Risks related to inventory will be minimal. The company will form a strong ground to keep its promises for customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders. 


    Vision Statement

    “To become the leading company of  East Africa by 2030”


    Our Organization is truly committed to ensure that every act of business should be based on our core principles.

    Mission Statement

    The mission statement of the company reads as follows.

    “To pursue and set high standards of excellence in the multiple endeavors of our businesses, by the shared commitment of our employees, dedication and dynamism of our management, by being accountable to our suppliers and business partners “


    Employees: We care about each other, encourage growth and recognize accomplishments

    Customers: Our first priority is to satisfy our customers

    Quality: We do the right things right the first time

    Improvements: We do the right things even better the next time

    Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior

    Teamwork: TOGETHER, We make it happen

    Leadership: Leaders are inspiring and lead by example. Leadership exists at all levels

    Management: We manage by fact

    Measurement: Our performance measures are customer-focused, outcome-based, comprehensive and clear

    • Innovative Technology Provider
    • Time and cost efficient
    • Quality 
    • Dependable
    • Experienced, Visionary and Energetic  
    • Pride of the Country


  2. Organizational Structure for Telal construction PLC

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