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In the world of intensive competition, along with companies’ unique competencies and capabilities, strategic approach to the case is mandatory. The way companies deal with the prevailing condition in the business world is what differentiates the winning from the others. Our company, inline with its strategic view of the existing business dynamics, will help you excel in whichever business endeavor you may find your business in.


We provide professional client-focused construction solutions. As an employee-owned company, we go above and beyond on every project and deliver on our promises with integrity

Founded in 2017, Telal is headquartered in Addis Ababa, with a network of locations in different parts of Ethiopia (Yirgachefe, Hawassa, Mekelle, Adama…). Our annual turnover from Constructions works has exceeded 15 Million Birr by 2021,

As a grade four building contractor, our organization has accomplished more than 15 projects so far. We have done projects for ASER Construction, FAL General Contractor, Arab Contractors PLC, Universal Construction and private constructions as well. We are considered to be very efficient and timely by our clients.

We work in a diverse range of markets.


We are a 100% employee owned company whose daily actions are guided by our core values.

Whether a single-floor dormitory renovation or an high-standard  facility, we carefully plan the logistics of every task, take a focused approach to safety and communicate daily with appropriate facilities and administration personnel to control costs and minimize disruption. Our responsiveness to the needs of faculty, staff,  and client reps has led to long, successful relationships with institutions throughout our career years.

Consultancy and business process outsourcing

Our company is engaged in multiple consultancy and BPO projects which are resulting in increased turnover for the clients at hand. We have finalized projects for Aquila Business group and Center for African leadership studies (CALS). Our clients are also outsourcing some of their departments for the sake of focus.

We do business process outsourcing in areas of Marketing, HR, and materials management

 Telal consultancy specializes in helping its clients to develop and improve their operations. The company has been in existence for over eighteen years, with a track record that includes over 600 successful projects with several blue-chip organizations in Ethiopia. Many of these clients have used our company on multiple repeat projects.

Telal’s core value proposition is to assist its clients with identifying, planning, and implementing operational performance improvement initiatives, in order to achieve operational performance excellence. Major benefits include:


Rethink has a strong focus on process, with significant experience and skills in the areas of process architecture, documentation, design, reengineering and automation.

In a nutshell, Telal works with businesses to solve operational problems, get better control and bring down costs.

Why Telal

Telal is known for its integrity and commitment to delivering on its promise. The key to this is our size, which ensures that the management and owners are directly involved in the projects we undertake. Our approach of joint solution development with our clients ensures that solutions are practical and implementable, and our lean structures ensure that we can deliver the value adding results at very competitive costs to our clients.


Our organization envisages to be one of the leading scientific items trader within the  region. We trade agro inputs like seeds, fertilizers and pesticides as well as Veternary and human medicines. We import and distribute products from Israel, France, India and China.

We established longer and closer working relationships with our clients and suppliers not only provide immediate and reliable services but to continually exceed expectations and goals.

We create commercial flows, import and export products, arranging and managing international projects with our partners. Our numerous competencies allow us to respond to the needs of industries looking for a new market. We look forward to welcoming you to our company and work to develop and enhance your current business in Japan.

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